SILive's Readers' Choice Award for Best Bars on Each of the Staten Island Shores

All-things-Staten-Island blog SILive recently held their annual Readers' Choice Awards, and we thought you might want to know about the 4 best bars readers voted on for each shore.

North Shore: Adobe Blues

Adobe Blues
Adobe Blues
Photo: JVierno77

After winning best bar in 2014, Tex-mex restaurant and bar Adobe Blues continued their winning streak with 304 votes.

After 22 years in business, one might think the buzz about a drink-and-eat destination would burn out. That's not the case here. All of the familiar draws are securely in place: The "Old West Saloon" bar stocked with 30 tequilas and 12 margaritas; as well as 185 beers from 30 countries in 37 styles, plus seasonal offerings — check. Live music (including the weekly Wolfpack Jam) that's energetic but not intrusive — check. A hearty menu of Southwestern comfort foods — check.

West Shore: The Beer Garden

The Beer Garden
The Beer Garden
Photo: Yelp

Grabbing 709 votes, The Beer Garden dominated it's competitors, fueled by craft beers and huge TVs.

You won't find any open-air drinking areas — just loyal patrons enjoying a comfortable environment to dine, drink and watch their favorite sports teams on 10 flatscreen TVs and a 100-inch high-def projector. You can choose from the 18 different beers on tap - mostly craft, one of over 25 bottled beers, or a variety of mixed drinks from the bar including some of our signature specialty drinks.

South Shore: Joyce's Tavern

Joyce's Tavern
Joyce's Tavern
Photo: Mateyush

Barely edging out Killmeyer's and 10-4, old standby Joyce's Tavern inched out a victory with 569 votes, fueled by Irish beers and delicious corned beef.

Established in 1966 by Bob Joyce and his family, the free-standing neighborhood tavern serves Irish fare and lots of cheer, of course. It was named "Top SI Tavern in 1987" by the Advance and is now managed by Bob's son, Kevin Joyce. The pub — which won "Most Underrated Restaurant" in the 2014 Readers' Choice Awards — continues to be a central meeting place for Irish gatherings. With Corner House now closed, Joyce's also stands as one of the few spots on the Island that specialize in corned beef year round.

East Shore: Lee's Tavern

Lee's Tavern
Lee's Tavern
Photo: Adam Kuban

With the most votes for any bar on the island, Lee's Tavern pulled down an amazing 1,011 votes for it's cheap beer and delicious pizza.

With its vintage mosaic tiled floor and burnished tin ceiling, this woodsy, welcoming watering hole is a throwback to S.I. of yesteryear. The main attraction at Lee's: Pizza with a very crunchy, almost biscuit-like crust and a subtly flavorful tomato sauce. It's not available by the slice and you can't get it delivered — i.e. you actually gotta show up with the family (or friends) to eat it.

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