RPA Reiterates Their Triboro Rx Outer Borough Subway Plan in Updated Report

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Regional Plan Association's Proposed Triboro Rx Subway Line
Photo: RPA

The Regional Plan Association (RPA) is America’s oldest independent urban research and advocacy organization, proposing and advising City legislators for over 90 years regarding public works and transportation. Their most recent report stresses the need for an outer-borough Subway connector line, the Triboro Rx, that the RPA first proposed back 25 years ago.

The new line would connect The Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn and intersect nearly every other other subway line, providing a much-needed circumvention around the current Manhattan-centric options.

We estimate that more than 100,000 riders would use the 24-mile, 22-station Triboro Rx line, with stops strategically situated to establish convenient transfers to subway stops and bus routes. Station locations would become a catalyst for development in areas where housing will be needed to meet New

Check out the full report for more information on the proposed Triboro Rx, the RPA or the rest of their City plan proposals.

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