Roundhop, New Dating App Where People Match Themselves Instead of Automatically Matching Profiles

Roundhop is a new dating service that lets you match with other real people via video chat instead of having the service match you based on profiles alone. It is essentially speed dating through your browser instead of real face-to-face chat.

Fill out a super simple form. Tell us who you are, where you live, and who you want to meet. Get invited to events happening near you. Connect with people via video chat right from your desktop or laptop. Meet up to 10 people in an hour. Talk to each person for 5 minutes. If you like someone you meet, give them a thumbs-up. When they like you back, we'll send you their email address. It's that simple!

Although the website will work anywhere, the company is based in New York City and is launching special in-person meetup events here in the City if you prefer to speed-date the old-fashioned way.

Roundhop says that iOS and Android apps are coming soon.

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