ReThinkNYC Proposes a Better Way to Handle New York City Train Traffic for Peak Efficiency

ReThinkNYC is a design and urban planning agency that has floated some pretty big proposals in the past, such as the one to extend La Guardia airport onto Rikers Island.

In this new equally-ambitious proposal, ReThinkNYC and city designer Jim Venturi present a better way to handle New York City's multiple train networks and train traffic for peak efficiency at all hours of the day.

New York City is at a crossroads. After years of stagnation, we are experiencing a mass transit building boom. Projects that had been dreamed about for decades are finally in construction and others are about to start. Yet all is not well. These projects are designed to solve a single problem for a single agency and often do not integrate well into the larger transportation network.

Check out the full proposal for more.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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