Removed Astor Place Mosaic Lamp Posts Are Going Home

Jim Power — aka Mosaic Man - has been working on a public arts work for the past 20 years making mosaics on the Astor Place lamp posts. His works feature New York History and Culture such as mafia, theater, war and music-themed lamp posts. This summer, the majority of his artwork was ordered to be removed by the city. He decided to take them down himself in protest.

Now in a surprise turn of events, the posts are coming back! Bowery Boogie reports:

A joint Astor Place Task Force forged between Community Boards 2 and 3 proposes to re-incorporate Power’s ten existing light poles into the new design as decorative installations (i.e. not powered). The group will meet next week to further discuss three configuration options, including one possibility where all mosaic fixtures line the east side of Cooper Square.

via Animal

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