Red Citi Bikes Now Roaming the Streets

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Annie Bikes

To advertise the upcoming remake of Annie, 50 Citi Bikes have been painted red and branded with the film logo.

This month, 50 Citi Bikes will swap their blue hue for fire engine red to celebrate the upcoming remake of Annie from Sony Pictures. These Annie bikes will be pedaling through the streets for the next few weeks so you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll see them one day!

There is an accompanying contest where you can win prizes for taking a picture of them in action.

  1. Snap a photo of a red Annie bike
  2. Upload it to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram
  3. Use the tag: #anniecitibikesweeps
  4. Be entered for a chance to win free stuff!

You can see the full contest rules here

via Citi Bike

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