Public Service Announcement: ConEd Sending Scratch-n-Sniff Postcards Regarding Natural Gas Detection

ConEd Scratch-n-Sniff Gas Mailer
ConEd Scratch-n-Sniff Gas Mailer
Photo: viewingnyc

In light of last year's horrific East Village gas explosion, Con Edison has been sending out scratch-n-sniff postcards that actually smell like natural gas in order to inform the public and increase the chances of an early leak detection.

Coming with a "peel-and-sniff" section, the card will help identify the smell of gas leaks (rotten eggs), and list the resources you should contact if you do.

If you smell a gas leak, get everyone around you immediately to safety, then call 911, Con Edison (1-800-752-6633), or National Grid (1-718-643-4050).

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