Photography Team Creates a Stunning 60-foot Mural of New York City Skyline

Donna Dotan Phase One Final
Donna Dotan Phase One Final
Photo: PetaPixel

Wife and husband photography team Donna Dotan and Brian Podnos created a 60-foot-long wall mural of the New York City skyline, featuring Citifield in sharp focus. If this seems like a difficult task to you, that's because it is; Dotan's photo is more than your regular iPhone panorama pic (as wonderful as those are). The shot required the use of a medium format camera and is comprised of seven panels, all stitched together seamlessly in the editing room.

Dotan got her start as an architectural photographer when her parents decided to sell their New York apartment; she was intrigued by the clarity and vibrancy of the professional real estate photos, and soon realized that this was the kind of work she wanted to do. Her husband Podnos joined the team, and the pair have since done beautiful shoots all over the City, from Madison Square Garden to Park Hyatt New York.

Last year, Dotan was commissioned to capture an image of the skyline from a new development project in Flushing, Queens. To create the final product, she and her team staked out on the fifteenth floor of the construction site with their pricy rental equipment, hoping that they would manage to get the shot during the fifteen-minute window of time they had: twilight. The project was a success, and every detail of our infamous skyline is visible in this incredible mural, pictured above.

Check out the full article at PetaPixel to learn more about how this feat was accomplished, or watch the behind-the-scenes video below.

via PetaPixel

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