Photographer Captures the Beauty of Ballet Dancers Against Rough New York City Backdrop

In New York City, dancers are about as abundant as overpriced coffee. It's not uncommon to see 'bunheads' rushing to class, and many city dwellers are patrons of a variety of dance performances. That's why Omar Robles' unique dance portraits are even more breathtaking; the photographer takes two commonalities, dancers and cityscapes, and combines them for a fresh new art.

Shooting dancers on piers, crosswalks, underpasses, bridges, and subways, the photographer has skillfully combined the beautiful lines signature to ballet dancers and the unapologetic urban scenery associated with the big apple. His talent has earned him a significant following on various social media, where you can find his portraits at @omarzrobles or his captivating website.

Robles boldly reminds us that art, inspiration, and strength are quite literally around every corner. Taking a New York minute to observe and appreciate the creative atmosphere the city provides could lead us all to more noteworthy encounters and experiences, possibly even with Omar himself.

via Mashable

Johanna Cyran

Johanna Cyran

Contributing Writer

Recently relocated from the south, Johanna is a communications student and dancer. When she's not traveling or participating in the arts scene, she can be found scoping out some of the City's best secret brunch spots.

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