NYC Photographer Finds Refuge Through Ballet Photography

New York City native and professional photographer Luis Pons uses photography as a tool for self healing. While showcasing his creativity through capturing ballerinas against an NYC backdrop, Pons finds self-clarity through this artistic expression.

Luis found what he was looking for in ballet photography. Taking ballerinas into the urban landscape of his city, Luis strives to capture the “beauty of dance outdoors and also say something deeply about [himself]” in each image.

What began as a form of self-healing for Pons has transformed into a form of unbelievable self-expression. Pons now captures some of NYC’s most notable ballerinas. Be sure to check out his gallery for more photos like these.

Ravey Redd

Ravey Redd

Contributing Writer

Hailing from Fairfield County, Raven is currently a student pursuing a degree in Journalism. She is a fan of blogging, hiphop music, and all things Starbucks related. Raven can be found exploring all that NYC has to offer.

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