Paul Cadden's Hyperrealistic Art Recreates NYC Street Photography Perfectly With Just Pencil

Scottish pencil artist Paul Cadden obsesses over detail. Taking weeks to months on a single drawing, Cadden will study and recreate a photo of the City, iterating and reiterating on the lines, details and shading until he has a perfect black and white copy of the photo.

The style is called Hyperrealism, and Cadden is one of the artists pushing the fairly new discipline to it's limits.

The Scottish artist bases his work off photographs of objects and people that catch his attention. If he isn’t drawing inspiration from his own photographs, Cadden told Don’t Panic magazine that he “trawl[s] through a lot of stock images sites.” What he does next isn’t just a simple reproduction. “The idea is to go beyond the photograph,” he says.

Check out his portfolio for more of Cadden's work.

via 6sqft

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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