Part 3 of "New York Slices", a Series of Shorts That Cut the City into Small Slices of Life

New York Slices is a multipart film series from Parisian filmmaker Luciana Botelho of Petit Crocodile Films. The beautiful shorts combine several otherwise mundane shots of average New York City life together through a cinematographic eye, giving a voyeuristic look at the slices of life of dozens of New Yorkers.

Luciana Botelho was born in Brazil. She moves to Paris in 1995 where she still lives and works as an actress, a dancer, a videomaker and a theatre translator. Multidisciplinary artist, she uses her multiples experiences to create a personal path. After a series of videos about everyday life in big cities, she enters the Ateliers Varan (Documentary Film School) to do her first steps as a filmmaker

You can watch part 1 and part 2 of the New York Slices series here on Viewing NYC.

The music featured in the film is Coda - "Rem."

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Matt Coneybeare

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