Owner of Brooklyn Chocolatier Explains Why Each Jomart Chocolate is Handmade

JoMart Chocolates is a small Brooklyn chocolate shop in Madison that has been making chocolates and candies by hand since 1946.

In this short video from 1 Minute Meal, we hear from owner Michael Rogak on why they make every piece of chocolate by hand.

Michael Rogak, owner of Jomart Chocolates, almost never buys new equipment. Much of the machinery in his small-batch factory—including a Hobart mixer the size of an antique bathtub—predates the second World War. Some of it was even bought used by his father, Martin, when he founded the business in 1946. Rogak and his staff don't hold onto these tools out of nostalgia. Their embrace of the hand-dipped chocolate has more to do with the character of Jomart, where the daily tasks of chocolate making reveal a very personal attachment to the (chocolate-covered) fruits of that labor.


Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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