Only in Brooklyn, There Exists a $1000 Preschool for Adults

Preschool Mastermind is a preschool experience located in Brooklyn (of course) designed by adults, for adults. It includes all the classic preschool activities such as snack time, nap time and arts & crafts. Course co-creator Michelle Joni describes Preschool Mastermind as

a brand new course for grownups to re-learn the basics, and experience the ::magic:: of life as it was originally intended. Guess what: You still CAN be anything you want when you grow up! And this class will give you the hands-on wisdom, intuition and playfulness you need to get there. In this one-month adventure, we’ll explore preschool concepts, like sharing and friendship, in order to apply and inject play, wonder, self-belief, and community into our grown-up lives.

Preschool Mastermind is operated out of Joni's apartment in South Slope. If you are interested in attending the course, you will need to send in a handwritten application. The cost of month-long preschool runs on a sliding scale from $333 to $999, depending on what you are able and willing to pay.

This video from Barcroft TV takes a peek inside the preschool to see what it's all about.

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