One Man's Quest to Try Every Dollar Slice of Pizza in Manhattan

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Meet the man who is trying to eat (and review) every dollar slice in nyc
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Dollar Pizza Slice NYC Instagram Page

It is not hard to find a cheap pizza slice in New York City. If you walk down one of the avenues, there is a pizza joint nearly every block, so it would be impossible to try all of them right? Francisco Balagtas has embarked on a two-year process to see if he can. His Dollar Pizza Slice NYC Instagram page features several new reviews per week, all from different dollar pizza spots around Manhattan. First We Feast asked Balagtas about his methodology:

I use a rating scale of one to five, with one being the lowest, to test three components: cheese, sauce, and crust. I’ve worked out a system where I eat a slice the same exact way every single time and makes notes of each bite. I do it for consistency: If I drink soda with one slice, then it might skew the way I review it. I test the fold of the slice and the grease content. Halfway through the slice, I hold the pizza on its side to see how much drips on to the plate.

For more about the project and the full interview, visit First We Feast.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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