OKStupid, a New Web Series From Bushwick Woman Shares the Best of the Worst Online Dating Messages

OKStupid is a new comedic web-series from Bushwick based production company Iris Media Works and
local Tan Roberts. In what started as an open mic night of the same name featuring live readings of hilarious responses from online dating sites, the new series plans on keeping the same format of reading the responses as poetry, only on a larger scale.

The first episode (above) contains several real messages, most of which were received by Tan and her friends as the first messages from their senders. “As in, [this is] how these people are starting their online dating conversations, ha!” said Tan. “I think is so ridiculously crazy that we just had to do something creative with it,” she concluded.

While waiting for more episodes, you can check out some of the more hilarious entries from @OKStupid on Instagram.

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