NYCTV Wants to Bring Local Public Access Television to the Internet

Recently launched by three Vice alums, NYCTV is a new video website that takes it's inspiration from public access television and is "dedicated to creating, promoting, & distributing video created by New Yorkers."

Even though NYCTV is up and running, the company is seeking funding via a Kickstarter campaign to help the site grow.

In the spirit of public access television, NYCTV is a video platform for the people by the people. Crowdfunding shares the same ethos, so naturally we are using Kickstarter to bring our initiative to life and activate a pre-existing community of doers and makers. The majority of our funding goal is going straight back to YOU––the creative community of New York.

NYCTV has an ambitious goal of $50,000, and wants to spend 70% on content creation, 20% on marketing and 10% on the engineering behind the site.

With just under a month to go, the campaign has already raised over $16,000.

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