NYC Christmas Tree Price Chart Shows Stands Raise Prices in Wealthy Neighborhoods

Our friends over at DNAinfo recently took an informal poll of Christmas tree prices at various neighborhoods around the City and found wildly varying results.

Some vendors seem to tailor their prices to a neighborhood's perceived trendiness and average income. For example, the average price for 6-foot balsam and douglas firs at 12 stands surveyed across the city was about $67. At Greg's Trees at the intersection of Manhattan and Driggs avenues in Williamsburg, the average price for such trees was $115, a whopping $48 more. At the SoHo Trees stand in the West Village, really big, rare trees are $300 or even $400 and up.

I'm not sure why this surprises me… I guess I just thought the "Holiday Spirit" would kill christmas tree price gouging, but alas, business is business.

via DNAinfo

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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