Nick Carr Explains Why His Popular Blog Scouting New York is Coming to an End

Nick Carr, Scouting New York
Nick Carr, Scouting New York
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Nick Carr from Scouting New York is a movie location scout in the City that gets paid to explore the City looking for awesome places to film.

After 10 years here in the City, Carr is packing up and moving to California to become a screenwriter.

I’ve been watching movies get made from the sidelines for quite a while now. And I think it’s finally time to put it all on the line.

Last year, my latest script started getting an extremely positive response, earning the attention of a manager. It quickly became apparent that if I want to make a serious attempt at this, I need to be in Los Angeles.

I didn’t want to leave. I owe everything to New York City. My wife and I have spent ten years building our lives here. Our families, friends, jobs – pretty much everything we know is centered in and around New York. And to give it all up for something as crazy as trying to become director/screenwriter?? It would have been so easy, so comfortable, so safe to stay, to just keep doing what we’d been doing for another decade, and another decade after that. The idea of leaping headfirst into the unknown felt……

well, it felt a lot like that first day on set.

Goodbye Nick, you will be missed.

You can read through Carr's goodbye blog post here and if you are into Los Angeles history and cool locations, you will probably want to bookmark this page too.

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