New York's 50,000 Taxi Cab Drivers Reflect the City's Diversity

The New York City Taxicab Factbook reports that "A typical taxi travels 70,000 miles per year, enough to travel around the world 2.8 times."

It's 50,000 drivers come from all over the world, with nearly a quarter of yellow cab drivers coming from Bangladesh.

The highest concentration of yellow taxi drivers comes from Bangladesh, with over 10,250 drivers. Drivers from Bangladesh now represent 23.1% of all yellow taxi drivers. Pakistan comes in second with 5,850 yellow taxi drivers (about 13.2% of all yellow taxi drivers).

The makeup of green cab drivers is a little different though, with about 20% hailing from the Dominican Republic.

For FHV drivers, the number one place of birth is the Dominican Republic. Drivers from this country represent 19.5% of all FHV drivers (over 9,000 drivers in total). The second highest concentration of FHV drivers comes from the U.S., representing 9.6% of all FHV drivers (about 4,500 drivers).

In this report by VOA News, reporters Celia Mendoza and Ramon Taylor talk with some of the cabbies about why they do what they do.

via VOA

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