New Website Lets You Easily Check if Your Building is Rent Stabilized

In NYC, if you are lucky enough to live in a rent stabilized building, a cap is set on the maximum allowed rent increase rates each year, and is determined by the Rent Guidelines Board. It is pretty tough to find out if a building is rent stabilized on your own though, so a new website called has been created to help you answer just that.

The website will tell you if your building is on the city's list of addresses with units still on the rent stabilization rolls. While it can't tell you if your specific unit is one of them, it will help you navigate through the process of tracking that information down. The site contains links to different state agencies to help you get confirmation of your unit's status as well as forms to fill out a complaint if you're being overcharged.

For more info on the site or it's creator, Chris Henrick, visit the full article on DNAinfo.

via DNAinfo

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