Infographic Simplifies the City's Complicated Rent Control and Rent Stabilization Rules

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New York City Rent Control Demystified
Photo: Trulia
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Where to find rent controlled apartments in Manhattan
Photo: Trulia

Real estate search company Trulia recently published a great article about rent control and rent stabilization in the City. As part of the article, Trulia created these great infographics simplifying the rules to tell if your place is or is not regulated, and a map showing regulated percentages broken down by neighborhood in Manhattan.

Knowing the difference between rent control and rent stabilization in New York City, it is clear that getting a rent-controlled apartment as a new renter is pretty much impossible. But this isn’t the case for a rent-stabilized apartment. So, where can you find this unicorn of a rental home?

Read through the full article for more info.

via Trulia

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