New Book Exposes Stunning New York City Interior Landmarks You've Never Seen Before

Interior Landmarks: Treasures of New York is new photobook published by The Monacelli Press that showcases some of the most stunning, glamorous and opulent interior landmarks in the entire City.

This book tells the colorful stories of 47 interior landmarks from the oldest to the youngest—from the grand Italianate and infamous Tweed Courthouse, the centerpiece of the largest corruption case in New York history, and the glamorous Art Deco Rainbow Room, constructed shortly after the repeal of the Prohibition—to the modernist 1967 Ford Foundation Building, whose garden-filled atrium exemplified sustainable design well before the concept became fashionable, and was hailed as “one of the most romantic environments ever devised by corporate man.”

You can purchase the hardcover book Interior Landmarks: Treasures of New York for just $42 on Amazon.

via Bloomberg

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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