New Art Installation Looks to Bring "Understanding" to Brooklyn Bridge Park

PAF Announces Martin Creed's New Sculpture for BBP Bringing Message of "Understanding" to NYC This Spring
PAF Announces Martin Creed's New Sculpture for BBP Bringing Message of "Understanding" to NYC This Spring

Brooklyn Bridge Park is known for its great views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty but also has some fantastic art installations. This Spring, a new installation by Martin Creed will lighten up the atmosphere with the largest public sculpture he has created.

The Public Art Fund is bringing the exhibition, Work No. 2630 Understanding (2016), that features the word 'understanding' as one piece that soars 25 feet and rotates. Nicholas Baume a Public Art Fund Director and Chief Curator explains the inspiration behind bringing Creed's work to the park.

His art confronts us with things we think we already know – inviting us to look at them afresh. ‘Understanding’ is a simple word with complex meanings; we might, for example, show understanding on an emotional level, even while not understanding what somebody has said or done. In this luminous and dynamic sculptural form, the word is isolated, monumental, and continually moving. Both literally and figuratively, Creed offers us a new vantage point to see the world. But is this a celebration of understanding or a challenge to us to understand more? Either way, Martin Creed’s disarming eloquence captures our imagination.

The sculpture will be ready for the public from May 4 to October 23, 2016 at Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park. For more information about the artist and the exhibit visit the event site.

Jessica Frelow

Jessica Frelow

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