My Circle, a 14-Foot Steel Sculpture Installed at Union Square in Celebration of Brooklyn Artist

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"My Circle," by Beverly Pepper, will stand in the Union Square Triangle through May 2016.
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"My Circle", 2008, 4 mt high. From the Ara Pacis Museum in Rome to the Union Square Park in New York!

In celebration of the Brooklyn artist Beverly Pepper’s 93rd Birthday, her monumental sculpture My Circle will be installed in the small triangle off Union Square East where Park Ave splits just North of 14th st.

The sculpture was created from weather-resistant steel designed to develop a rusty-looking, weathered appearance, which Pepper said represents the idea of elapsed time. Its convex and concave forms are used to give the viewer an experience of “the connectedness of existence,” according to the gallery.

You can check out the sculpture in person through the end of May, 2016.

Union Square

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