Meet Steven Hirsh, a Photographer Capturing the Beauty of Toxic Gowanus Canal Pollution

When you think of the Gowanus Canal, its highly contaminated waters or notably foul stench may first come to mind. However, with a keen eye, one can find interesting and overlooked types of beauty in its industrial environs.

In this video from BRIC, learn how photographer Steven Hirsh is finding beauty in toxicity, and what drives him to capture the Gowanus Canal for his photographic series Gowanus Waters.

Photographer Steven Hirsh gravitates toward fringe groups and the Gowanus Canal for his photography subjects. “Gowanus: Off The Water’s Surface”, is a series of photos of the horribly polluted waters in the Gowanus Canal that look more like psychedelic paintings than photographs.


Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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