Meet Roberto Caporuscio: The Man Who Brought Fried Pizza to New York City

Don Antonio is a popular Napolitan-style pizza joint in Midtown West that serves up, amongst other Naples staples, a fried pizza that is phenomenal. In this video from our friends at Thrillist, meet Roberto Caporuscio, owner of the restaurant, and the man who brought fried pizza to New York City.

Neapolitan pizza is having a moment right now. Especially the montanara, a fried pizza. And we can thank Roberto Caporuscio for that. He’s the man who put the fried pizza on the map in New York City. And while frying up pizza dough may sound a little over the top, this style of pizza has been around for quite some time in Naples, Italy. And it’s truly delicious.

via Thrillist

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