Check Out These Photos of Historic Album Covers Superimposed Over the Same NYC Locations Today

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MILES DAVIS - WORKIN' WITH THE MILES DAVIS QUINTET (Prestige, Dec. 1959). . .Cover design (and possibly photo by) Esmond Edwards (his name is vertical on the bottom-left of the cover photo). . .Location: The Prestige Records office was a storefront at 446 West 50th between 9th and 10th Avenues (the location is now a barbershop.) Prestige took an additional storefront across the street at #447 West 50th for extra offices. Miles Davis is in front of #447. The building behind him is the High School of Graphic Communication Arts.. . . ."Workin" with the Miles Davis Quintet" was the third of four albums that were produced from two day-long sessions in which 24 tracked were recorded. They sessions were on May 11, 1956 and October 26, 1956. . . Primary research by Marie Fotini.

Photo: PopSpotsNYC