Check Out These Photos of Historic Album Covers Superimposed Over the Same NYC Locations Today

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TOO TOUGH TO DIE by THE RAMONES (1984, Sire). . .Photo by George DuBose. . .Location: underneath Playmates Arch, next to the Carousel in Manhattan's Central Park (near where Center Drive meets the 65th St. Traverse). . .The album was the Ramones eighth studio album and the first to feature Richie Ramone on drums. . .According to Wikipedia: "The photograph on the album cover, which features silhouettes of the band members, resulted from a "lucky accident" after photographer George DuBose's camera malfunctioned" . . .Click the following link to be taken inside Playmates Arch tunnel, with its distinctive yellow-and-red brick stripes, via Google Street Views:

Photo: PopSpotsNYC