Check Out These Photos of Historic Album Covers Superimposed Over the Same NYC Locations Today

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PRETZEL LOGIC by STEELY DAN (1974). . .Location: Fifth Avenue and 79th Street, west side of street, at the entrance to Central Park known as "Miner's Gate" just below The Metropolitan Museum of Art.. . .photo by Reanne Rubenstein. . .With the passing of Walter Becker this week, I thought I'd repost this early PopSpot of the location of Pretzel Logic . . .In the New York Times obituary of Walter Becker today, they wrote this of Steely Dan's sophisticated but popular sound: "Meanwhile the music used richly ambiguous harmonies rooted in Debussy, Duke Ellington, Charlier Parker and Sonny Rollins, giving the songs a sophisticated core that would be widely influential across jazz and pop." . . .(By the way, the official NYC Park prices for those 15-cent pretzels would be $2.00 today. (They are spelled "pretzles" on the cover.). . . To see the album cover location in Google Street View, click here: . . . For the original PopSpot story of searching for the location, click here:

Photo: PopSpotsNYC