McDonald's to Launch Ron's, an Artisanal Chain of Casual Dining Restaurants in the City

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Architect's rendering of Ron's included in proposal to Boise Urban Revitalization Committee.

Poster child for fast food McDonald’s has had a tough time convincing the public that its food is quality. Additionally, in larger cities and especially New York City, the chain is having a hard time establishing a foothold in a low-end market where better culinary options are abundant.

To try and reach a new demographic of people who would otherwise never set foot into a McDonald’s, the chain is considering launching a casual diner with artisanal fare aimed towards foodie millennials and other discerning customers.

With Ron’s, McDonald’s seeks to capture upwardly-mobile, health-conscious, childless older Millennials. Executives hope this move will raise the company’s value on Wall Street while seizing upon the opportunities in casual dining. CEO Steve Easterbrook commented in a press conference, “I’m confident this move will increase our over-all value and reassert our presence for consumers who grew up with Happy Meals, yet now seek a more serious feel.”

Maybe it will be quality food… or maybe it’s just lipstick on a pig.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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