Mason Jar Full of Williamsburg Air Hits eBay, All Yours For as Low as $69

Jar of Air from Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Jar of Air from Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Photo: eBay

An interesting listing for a mason jar full of Brooklyn air has recently appeared on eBay.

You are bidding on a jar of air bottled at the source in McCarren Park, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. This air retains the unmistakable allure of Williamsburg that has brought so many young, creative spirits to the neighborhood. Williamsburg is an influential hub of contemporary music like indie rock, and is attributed to be the place of origin of electroclash and has a large local hipster culture, a strong art community, and vibrant nightlife. With this fine Ball Mason jar, an icon of Williamsburg hipsters, and the air within, you too can have a little piece of creativity and hipness wherever you may be!

In case you were worried it could be fraudulent air, the jar comes with a "certificate of authenticity" and a verified photo of the jar in McCarren Park. All yours if you win the auction, starting at just $69.

At least this is a nicer presentation than the last time this was done.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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