Map of the Best Coffee Shop Within 5 Minutes of Every Manhattan Subway Stop

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The Best Coffee Shops Near Every Manhattan Subway Stop

Our friends at Thrillist recently made this map of the best coffee shops within 5 minutes walking from every Manhattan subway station.

Once upon a time, bleary-eyed New Yorkers had to resort to Chock full o’Nuts and deli-brew to make it through the day, but in today’s New York, it’s nearly impossible to walk down the street without tripping over chalkboard signs touting fancy pour-overs and single-origin espresso. Though, just because it’s possible to grab a cup no matter where you are, doesn’t mean every place is going to live up to your coffee snob tastes. So to aid you in finding the best specialty cafes within a few minutes’ walk of your subway stop, we present the NYC Coffee Subway Map.

Check out the full article for more info.

via Thrillist

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