Magnolia Bakery Is Back At It Again With Banana Pudding!

Last month, Magnolia Bakery, known for its sweet cakes and perfectly frosted cupcakes changed the game with their new creation: chocolate banana pudding. Fans of the NYC bakery flocked to Social media to show their undying love and support of the new delicacy.

Of course, the regular Banana Pudding is still available, and both come in small medium and large (not that it matters what size you get, you’re never ready when the spoon hits the bottom.) The Today Show teased us all with their gigantic tub of chocolate banana pudding, Hoda Kotb revealing it's one of her favorite things this month!

We certainly can't deny the phenomenon. Chocolate lovers from the Bronx to Brooklyn agree: Chocolate Banana Pudding has a place in all of our hearts, and mouths.

And we'll take two tubs to go, please.

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