M79 Bus Wins Slowest, M15 Wins Most Unreliable Awards

M79, the Slowest NYC Bus
M79, the Slowest NYC Bus

Straphangers, our favorite blog about everything NYC public transit related, recently crunched some numbers and found out which buses in NYC are the slowest, fastest, and most unreliable. According to the data (speed and reliability) both the slowest and most-unreliable buses are Manhattan routes.

The “winner” of the 2014 Pokey is the M79 crosstown. It had the slowest bus speed at an excruciating 3.2 miles per hour as clocked at 12 noon on a weekday.

The “winner” of the 2014 Schleppie is the local M15 with 33 percent of buses arriving with big gaps in service or bunched together.

The crosstown M79 serves the Upper East and Upper West Sides along 79th and 81st, and the M15 serves between downtown and uptown Manhattan on 2nd and 1st Avenues.

Even though Manhattan buses suck, the other boroughs didn't fare so well either. Be sure to click through to the report for the full results.

via Straphangers

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