And the 2015 Pokey Award for New York City's Slowest Bus Goes to...

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Surprising nobody, the slowest bus in the City is the M66 line heading crosstown through the mid 60s from the UES to the UWS.

The “winner” of the 2015 Pokey is… the M66 crosstown. It had the slowest bus speed out of the 35 lines surveyed by the Straphangers Campaign, clocked at an excruciating 3.1 miles per hour at 12 noon on a weekday.

3.1 mph is about as fast as you can walk, so you might as well do that instead. You are a New Yorker after all… aren’t you?

Check out the press release to read more about the methodology and the 2015 “winner.”

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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