"Lox Me Tender", a Short Profile on an 84 Year Old Lox Slicer at Zabar's

Zabar's, one of the more famous Jewish Deli's in the City, has an 84-year old man working as a lox slicer. Len Berk, started working for the deli 20 years ago along with several other Jewish clerks and slicers, but now is the last remaining Jewish lox slicer in Zabar's. Why has he done it for this long? He has a ton of love and pride for his work with the Salmon.

I love running my hand across it; it's a very sensual experience. You could say I'm making love to the salmon.

The video was made by The Jewish Daily Forward for a longer article where Berk discusses the old days of Zabar's.

via Gothamist

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