'LoopNYC', a Proposal For Driverless Expressways Across Manhattan Alongside a 13-Mile Pedestrian Park

LoopNYC is an ambitious urban planning proposal from architecture/engineering firm EDG in which lanes on Manhattan's major cross-streets (14th, 23rd, 42nd 57th, 86th and 110th) as well as lanes on the FDR and West Side Highway are reserved for self-driving, autonomous cars. EDG claims that these specialized "fast-lanes" would allow a commute from midtown to downtown and back in just 11 minuted, down from 40 minutes currently.

Also part of the proposal, LoopNYC has Broadway and Park Avenue completely blanketed in a public, pedestrian-only park. Running from Battery Park to Union Square, then Splitting up Park Ave and Broadway until 59th Street, the park would allow a car-free route from Lower through Midtown Manhattan.

Architecture/engineering firm Edg has created a proposal for "Loop NYC," a driverless transit plan that would free up nearly all of Broadway and Park Avenue for park space, reclaiming 24 miles of street to be used as uninterrupted walking paths and bike lanes.

via 6sqft

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