Long Island City Waterfront Could See This Incredible Aquarium Proposal Come to Life

A recent competition help by Arch Out Loud invited design students and professionals to "redefine the aquarium typology, examining its relationship to the urban context and the public domain."

The winning proposal comes from Piero Lissoni and his team from Lissoni Architettura with a striking design that juts out into the East River towards Roosevelt Island's southern tip.

[…] a dynamic system that interacts with its surroundings, offering multiple ways to experience the water world represented by eight triple-height transparent biomes: four oceans (atlantic, pacific, indian and southern) and four seas (caribbean, mediterranean, tasman and red sea), while the north and south poles are expressed by a readily visible iceberg in the center of the atrium.

Check out the full article for more on the competition and design.

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