Legally Beat the Summer Heat with New York City Fire Hydrants and the FDNY

 | NYC Fire Hydrant
| NYC Fire Hydrant
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New York City has had some pretty intense heat waves in recent years, and a common way for residents to beat the heat is to turn a neighborhood fire hydrant into a large sprinkler for the kids. You're not supposed to go out with a wrench and open one on your own though, so how do you legally get a fire hydrant turned on? Check out this short PSA from the New York City Fire Department to learn how to request your legal spray cap.

A safe and fun way to keep cool during New York City’s summer months is to open fire hydrants responsibly by visiting your local firehouse to request a spray cap to be installed on a hydrant in your neighborhood. You must be 18 years of age and show photo ID. Do not open fire hydrants yourself, as it depletes water sources and water pressure, making it difficult for firefighters to fight fires and endangering the lives of both New Yorkers and first responders.

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