Learn How to Make Soondae — Korean Blood Sausage — From the Experts at Gowanus' Insa Korean BBQ

Brooklyn's Insa Korean BBQ is a huge restaurant in Gowanus that has authentic and modern Korean dishes alongside karaoke rooms and a full bar.

In this Video from Lucky Peach, see how the restaurant makes some authentic Soondae, Korean Blood Sausage.

Insa [... has] some of the best soondae, or Korean-style blood sausage, we’ve ever tasted. The coarsely-grained, delicately-seasoned sausage is the result of a lot of trial and error: Chef Michael Stokes spent months—and a lot of blood—reverse-engineering this recipe from storebought iterations, as it turns out the Internet is entirely bereft of soondae recipes that work. We're changing that with this recipe:

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