Kickstarting The Lowline's Underground Park

Last year we reported the introduction of The Lowline, a Lower East Side underground park and the innovative solar tech that will complement it.

Now, The Lowline engineers are back with another Kickstarter to create a bigger and better solar lighting system, which is the spine of the project.

In order for the City to officially approve the project, we still have some big questions to answer. Will the solar tech work? Will plants really grow? Will it be a popular public space? To answer these questions, we're planning a long-term testing exhibition called the Lowline Lab, and we need $200,000 to build it. We've rented out a former market building, just a couple blocks from the future Lowline site, and are ready to go.

The video highlights the aspirations behind the program; and, with the help of financial contributions, the plan to test technology and design performance as well as the community value of the future park.

You can take part in this enriching project that will make the City home of the first sustainable underground park by visiting The Lowline’s Kickstarter page and making a donation.

Brindsi Liberty

Brindsi Liberty

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Brindsi is a student of Professional Writing and Media Management, and an avid adventurer. When she is not out menacing the world and experiencing new places and cultures, she can be found attached to her computer watching too many YouTube videos

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