Join the 1st Annual New York City Cookie Crawl This Saturday

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Redditor LadyFixIt has a passion for cookies and has organized what she is calling the 1st Annual NYC Cookie Crawl this Saturday, March 2nd. The crawl includes 22 stops on the Upper West Side and a dozen neighborhoods in Manhattan south of 59th Street. Here are the details:

Why? I like cookies. An obscene amount. They're my kryptonite. I do happen to know that there are other red-blooded denizens of NYC for whom cookies is also a love language. Thus.... the Cookie Crawl!

What? Well, it's, me, you, all of our friends-- and Manhattan's best cookie spots (as sourced by me). Some I've been to personally, some were suggested by friends who've been, and some were just passed by on my travels with one vow: to one day visit and consume their cookies!
Caveat -- You don't HAVE to buy or eat cookies everywhere we go. Please, be as selective as you'd like! At some point, we will probably stop for dinner and drinks too. So save room!

Where? We're gonna start the crawl uptown at Mille-feuille Bakery, next to the 79th Street Station.

When? March 2nd at 2pm! Please be as prompt as possible so we can all head out together!

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