Interactive Subway Station Map Shows Whether or Not in State of Good Repair

NYCT Station Conditions
NYCT Station Conditions
Photo: CBCNY

The Citizens Budget Commission recently made this great, albeit scary, interactive map of all 467 subways stations and their latest survey of structural components.

It's scary because the reports shows that over 20% of the structural components necessary to keep the stations from collapsing and trains from colliding, derailing or worse, were in a state of disrepair.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority's (MTA) latest survey of the condition of its 467 subway stations in 2012 showed more than one in four of all structural components were not in a satisfactory condition—known in the jargon as a “state of good repair” or SGR. Assuming the completion of all planned work in the agency's 2010-2014 capital program, 20 percent of all structural components will not be in SGR. Moreover, even if the MTA's proposed five-year capital plan for 2015-2019 were fully funded—which it is not—the MTA’s current and planned pace of work is not expected to bring all stations to SGR any time soon.

Check the map to see how structurally sound your station is.

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