Interactive Map Plots Every Airbnb Listing in the City Along With Full Stats

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Airbnb affects the city's housing supply and affordability. Explore the key variables of Airbnb use and how it impacts your neighborhood.

Inside Airbnb is a new interactive map and website which aggregates all available data about Airbnb listing, analyzes them and plots them all on a single, clickable map.

Using this data, you can potentially answer questions about how Airbnb affect your neighborhood, either in a positive or negative way.

For instance, if you see that your neighborhood is saturated with high cost, low availability rentals, Airbnb is probably helping to inject money into your local economy. But if you see high cost, high availability rentals, then your neighborhood could be full of empty space, draining money from your area.

How does your neighborhood fare?

via 6sqft

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