A New Subway Company Opens the 8th Avenue Subway Line on September 11th, 1932

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Eight Avenue subway station opens. Young boy, stretched out on the top of this turnstile at 42nd Street, has a real good reason for wanting to be first. His name is William Reilly and he was born on March 14, 1925, the day ground was broken for the Eighth Avenue Subway.

The New York Daily News has been around in the City since launching in 1919. As part of their Daily News Flashback series, the paper republished historical pieces from past editions.

In this re-published article, the opening of the 8th Avenue Subway is covered in detail. The 8th Avenue Subway was the first line from the Independent Subway System (IND), one of the big three subway companies that eventually combined to form the M.T.A. Today, the 8th Avenue Subway tracks house the A,C and E lines.

Read the original article from 1932 for a bit of NYC transit history.

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