Improv Everywhere's Heartwarming Holiday Stunt Displayed Massive Handwritten Greeting Cards in Real Time

Comedy group Improv Everywhere recently pulled off a great heartwarming holiday stunt in which they setup a booth in Manhattan's Big Screen Plaza where people could instantly write real greeting cards to each other. The catch is that as they wrote the cards, a special sensor read and displayed their handwritten message on a giant screen above the plaza.

For our latest mission, we created a custom-built set that allowed random New Yorkers to instantly deliver a card and light up someone’s holiday. Participants were surprised as Christmas lights lit up the plaza and their message was displayed on a 30-foot wide screen above. This project is a collaboration with Hallmark, who provided us with an assortment of Hallmark Signature Cards for the project.

Check out the full recap for more on the event, and to see behind-the-scenes photos and videos of how it was all setup.

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