If There's Something Obscure And It Don't Look Googleable Who You Gonna Call, NYPL

Does anyone have a copyright on the bible? What does it mean when you dream you're being chased by an elephant? While answering these questions today is often accomplished through a simple Google search, the New York Public Library has a more personal service through the phone number, 917-ASK-NYPL where an actual human librarian will attempt to answer your questions through NYPL's vast archives.

The New York Public Library’s questions desk serves as a catch-all for the venerable library system’s 92 locations. Though its purpose is logistical (How do I download ebooks from the library?), for many, it’s basically a human Google (How many British monarchs have been left-handed?).

This article from Quartz attempted to stump the NYPL hotline through old hypothetical questions such as that are more difficult to Google.

Whether you seek an answer to an age old philosophical question or you need to double check a historical fact and your Google Fu is a little rusty, be sure to use the NYPL hotline.

via Quartz

Joshua Mu

Joshua Mu

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