History of the 1912 Josephine Shaw Lowell Fountain in Bryant Park

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NYC - Bryant Park: Josephine Shaw Lowell Memorial Fountain
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Josephine Shaw Lowell was a progressive leader in many difficult causes of the 1800’s, women’s rights, eradication of poverty, education and civil service. She did many great things for the City of New York, and when she died in 1905, it was decided that a monument should be created for her.

A committee was formed and its decision was a memorial fountain. […] “The handsome Josephine Shaw Lowell memorial fountain to be erected in New York City is being cut at the yard of Milne & Hector.” The magazine reported that ten train cars were required to transport the rough pink granite quarried in Stony Creek, Connecticut. “The bowl of the fountain is 12.6 in diameter and rests on a pedestal which is to be elaborately carved. Around this pedestal is to be a pool of water, outside of which is a granite walk six feet wide. The total wide of the pool and walk being something like forty feet.”

Check out the full article on the Daytonian in Manhattan for a detailed history on Josephine Shaw Lowell and all of her incredible accomplishments.

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