Hip-Hop Dancer NIARA Freestyle Dances on the Williamsburg Bridge

YouTube uploader Yvonne Winnefield recently captured local hip-hop dancer NIARA doing a fantastic freestyle dance on the top platform of the Williamsburg Bridge. According to her Facebook page,

NIARA is a Hip-Hop Dancer, Poet, and Educator who seeks to inspire others through her movements. The name in Swahili means, "one with high purpose."

The music in the video is [Missy Eliot — "Wake Up (Featuring Jay-Z)"](https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/wake-up-featuring-jay-z/id139783450?i=139780322%252529.&ls=1&at=11l7j9&ct=viewingnyc&app=itunes

via YouTube

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